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K&N SnowCharger Filter Wrap for SN2530

K&N SnowCharger Filter Wrap for SN2530

Ref: SN-2530PK

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Optional additional protection!
K&N SnowCharger filter wraps are the pre-filter answer to all the snow that wants to pack down into the pleats of your snowmobile air filter.
  • Silicone-treated polyester wraps that repel snow and water - Melting snow just beads off instead of soaking the filters.
  • Deflects all the grass, twigs, rocks and dust you encounter when grass track racing or crossing snowless trails.
  • Easy to clean and return to service.

  • This product wraps your air filter with an additional pre-filter
  • Durable silicone treated polyester material with stitched elastic openings
  • Water repellent treatment typically lasts 1 to 2 years
  • Fits K&N Air Filter SN-2530