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Helix for the Arctic

Helix for the Arctic "ACT Drive" - C50-36

Ref: C50-36P

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Helix for the Arctic "ACT Drive"
  • 50 / 36

    ACT Drive Models:
  • 2005 direct bolt in using stock '05 adjustable cover
  • 2006-11 with the use of 2005 OEM cover or a Dalton cover
  • If you have a 2006-11 you need one of the covers to use this helix

    Dalton helixes with "C" designation are for all 2005-08 ACT models, and for '09 and newer 4 stroke models or shuttle reverse button models

    Note: This model is NOT for 2009+ two stroke models that have the engine run backwards. Two stroke models with electronic engine reverse need the "CR" designation