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Koso Mini Style - Air/Fuel Ratio Meter

Koso Mini Style - Air/Fuel Ratio Meter

Ref: 908-152

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Koso Mini Style - Air/Fuel Ratio Meter, BA005000
This air/fuel ratio meter was especially made to help you tune your carburetor or fuel injection system on 4 stroke engines. Its internal battery makes it easy to switch from one engine to the other without disconnecting any wires. If the instrument is installed permanently on an engine, just connect the power to the gauge and you will get a nice backlight.
  • Air/Fuel ratio Display range: 12.1~16.8
  • Air/Fuel ratio Display unit: 0.1
  • Effective temperature range: -10~+ 60C (14 ~ +140F)
  • Dimension: 61.7 x 33.7 x 15.6 mm
  • Weight 30g