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RX-2NS RPM Data Logger

RX-2NS RPM Data Logger

Ref: 908-132

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Koso RX-2NS RPM Data Logger, BA015400
The perfect meter for drag and oval racers: Made from the best components and latest technology, it allows the user to playback runs easily. The 390 minutes internal memory gives the opportunity to record up to 50 runs. Its heated screen will allow the user to play with it even under winter condition. The programmable shift light and piston setting makes it accessible to about any 2 or 4 stokes engine. This makes it a great tool to help find the right clutching or gear ratio.
  • Display internal: <0.5 second
  • Shift light setting range: 100~11,000
  • Shift light setting unit: 100 RPM
  • Max. RPM record: Range of recording 0~11,000 RPM
  • Number of Records: 50 sessions
  • Total Duration of Recording: Approx. 6.3 hours
  • Effective Voltage: DC 12 V
  • Effective temperature range: -10~+ 60C (14 ~ +140F)
  • Dimension: 135.7 x 100.7 x 52mm
  • Weight 240g