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Rapid Reaction TSS-04 Snow Clutch - 2000 & up Ski Doo

Rapid Reaction TSS-04 Snow Clutch - 2000 & up Ski Doo

Ref: 800-025

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Rapid Reaction TSS-04 Clutch (930763)
By separating the moveable alignment function from the moveable activation function, TEAM has produced a secondary clutch that eliminates binding. Close tolerance machining and properly selected material mean cooler, more efficient operation. Tighter clearances yield longer life.
  • One pound lighter than the TSS-98
  • Optimized rib design improves cooling with less wind drag
  • New Twin Trax helix requires only four fasteners
  • Twin enclosed rollers
  • Improved length to diameter ratio on bushings
  • Smooth up-shift and back-shift
  • Tunable with helix angles and springs
  • Increases efficiency

    Team TSS-04 driven clutches are sold uncalibrated -does not include helix or spring

  • 2000-07 Ski Doo (Splined)
  • 2008-up Ski Doo with Jackshaft Conversion

    Not Painted