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C&A Razor Skis - Blue

C&A Razor Skis - Blue

Ref: 77260320

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The Razor or RZ provides control and confidence for 2011 & older trail sleds with little ski pressure. This skis V shaped outboard keels help alleviate darting while giving the sled extra grip on those tight and twisty trails. This ski helps maintain straight line tracking for the recreational snowmobile rider.

  • 6" wide profile
  • 44" length
  • 3/4" center keel height
  • "V" shaped outer keels for reduced darting
  • Adjustable, flexible tip
  • ISR approved handle
  • Total ski weight is 6.7 lbs. (including handle)
  • Made of UHMW poly for ultimate durability
  • Sold per pair
    **Mounting kit and carbides are sold separately