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Bully Dog GT Module - 2015-18 Polaris 800 Axys

Bully Dog GT Module - 2015-18 Polaris 800 Axys

Ref: 70-512

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Features, functions and flexibility...all in one unit.
Bully Dog tapped into the stock ECU of the Polaris CFI2 and can use their GT module to monitor and data log all of the stock inputs such as throttle position, RPM, intake air temperature, exhaust gas temperature, etc. It also has the ability to read and erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Used in this manner, the GT module is a tuner/troubleshooter's best friend.
And there's more! Another feature of the GT module is that it can be used to download SLP custom maps into the stock ECU. The original stock map is stored in the GT and can be re-loaded into the ECU by using the GT module.

  • 2015-18 Polaris 800 Axys