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POD-300 Digital Display

POD-300 Digital Display

Ref: 70-175

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POD-300 Digital Display for the Power Commander V
The POD-300 is an accessory display for Dynojet devices that support DJ-CAN, including the popular Power Commander V, Autotune, WideBand 2, and CMD. Simply connect the included CAN cable and youre ready to go; theres no need to tap power or deal with other messy connections. Need to adjust your tune in the field, or datalog the supported channels to further refine your tune? No problem, with the POD-300 youre just a few clicks away from taking advantage of the many features with its easy to use menu system.

  • Real time fuel adjustments
  • Display channels real time: RPM, TP, Map Position (When using map switch), duty cycle, fuel changes, ignition changes and wideband air/fuel ratio - (W/WB2 or AutoTune connected)
  • Weather resistant for use in all conditions
  • Log channels saved to internal memory and can be viewed / analyzed with DynoJets Powercore Software
  • High contrast display, viewable in direct sunlight