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Holeshot Skid Plate, Sky Blue - 1993-99 Polaris

Holeshot Skid Plate, Sky Blue - 1993-99 Polaris

Ref: 498-560

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All Holeshot skidplates are constructed of heavy-gauge High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE), an incredible material that is virtually indestructible. These skidplates are an amazing inch thick for optimum protection-thats nearly twice as thick as competitive skidplates. This is the stuff you want between your chassis and that hidden boulder or stump! The energy from the collision is absorbed by the skidplate as it protects your vital steering, suspension and lower frame components.

  • 1999 340 / Deluxe / Touring
  • 1993-98 Lite GT / Star / Deluxe / Touring