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Magnum CJ-4 Oil - Synthetic 15W-40

Magnum CJ-4 Oil - Synthetic 15W-40

Ref: 458-187

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Lucas Magnum CJ-4 Oils are blended with premium "Lucas" additives that help maintain the life of the emission control systems as required for regulatory compliance. Expect less oil consumption and reduced engine wear. It resists oxidation and thermal breakdown for total protection in new and older engines. Suitable for gasoline as well as diesel.

Key Benefits:
  • Maintains life of emission control systems
  • Less oil consumption
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Primary application is in heavy duty diesel engines, but can also be used in automotive diesel and gasoline engines
  • Compatible with both synthetic and conventional oils
  • Resists oxidation and thermal breakdown
  • Proven in Lucas truck fleet to extend oil drain intervals to 30,000 miles
  • High Total Base Number provides excellent detergency and keeps the engine clean
  • Both Synthetic and conventional SAE 15W-40 engine oils are API certified and meet or exceed industry standards

    Gallon, Synthetic

    CJ-4 is available in Petroleum and Synthetic