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Adjustable Pivot Risers

Adjustable Pivot Risers

Ref: 45590

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The PowerMadd adjustable bar riser lets you instantly raise or lower your handlebars up to 3" variance
  • Want to go from trail riding to stand-up boon-docking? No problem.
  • Want to share a sled with someone who likes their bars at a different height? No problem.
  • Want the ability to dial in the exact perfect bar height? No Problem.

    Just pop the cam lever, readjust your bars, lock it in - and go!

    This kit goes from 4.875" to 7.75"

    The Adjustable Riser is easy to install on any "T" style steering post - It works with both the wide and narrow T-posts.
  • If you have a flat top steering post, you'll need to add a pivot adapter which will add another 1.25" in height.
  • Make sure to check your cable slack. HPE offers throttle cable and brake line extensions