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SLP MTX Clutch Weight, 65g - Arctic Cat, 6 Tower

SLP MTX™ Clutch Weight, 65g - Arctic Cat, 6 Tower

Ref: 40-94

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SLP's MTX Clutch Weights were designed specifically to harness the horsepower of today's high torque engines, these weights use a heavy heel and special weight profile to provide substantially greater shift force, delivering much improved acceleration, top-end speed and backshift.
  • Adjustable by adding weight via rivets (up to 6 grams per weight), they offer precise tuning ability for your specific combination.
  • When using these weights we recommend checking drive belt side clearance to ensure proper OEM spec.

    To order, add 4 grams to the amount of weight that you are currently using to choose the correct SLP MTX Weight (example: If you are currently using 64 gram Arctic Cat Weight, you should use a 68 gram MTX Weight).

    Weight sets sold per set of three including 6 - 1 gram aluminum. 6 - 2 gram hollow steel, and 6 - 3 gram solid steel rivets.
    Rivets are precision machined to achieve specific weight tolerances.

    65 Gram
    Arctic Cat 6 Tower Clutch
    Set screw style weight