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Bottom Sprocket, 13W 42T (17 internal)

Bottom Sprocket, 13W 42T (17 internal)

Ref: 351520-005

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Bottom Sprocket, Ski Doo F/S/CK3/Rev chassis
Team Standard 13 Plate Wide Bottom Gear w/42 Teeth
13W; 42T; 17T Internal

  • 13-plate wide standard bottom gear is lightweight with superior strength
  • 42 tooth sprocket, 17 splines
  • Manufactured at TEAM's ISO 9902 certified facility using the latest technology
  • Made with case-hardened, heat-treated machine steel
  • High-quality construction means gears have proper fitment and maximum efficiency
  • Sprockets are lightweight with superior strength

  • SkiDoo; Bottom 13W Sprockets, F/S/CK3/Rev Chassis