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Ski Slips

Ski Slips

Ref: 35-230

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Similar to products that many call ski boots, SLP's Ski-Slips are made from high quality UHMW plastic (the same plastic material used in most plastic skis, both OEM and aftermarket) which provides longer life and better performance than others.

Special Features:
  • Resists carbide cutting
  • Easy on, easy off with no loose mounting hardware
  • Keeps carbides from catching when loading and unloading
  • Universal fit for most OEM and aftermarket ski designs
  • Small and compact for easy storage

  • Concrete Floors
  • Trailer Decks
  • Trailer Ramps
  • Skis
  • Carbides

    *Ski-Slips fit most models except:
  • Simmons, Ski-Doo Precision (Dual Keel), and Ski-Doo Offset Skis.