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Hot Air Elimination Kit, Left - 2013-19 Ski-Doo XS & XM

Hot Air Elimination™ Kit, Left - 2013-19 Ski-Doo XS & XM

Ref: 32-614

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Get rid of the hot air that's trapped inside your engine compartment with this Hot Air Elimination Kit. This kit increases the air inlet as well as the outlet areas to efficiently provide the necessary air flow through the engine compartment.
Featuring SLP's Max Flow air vent technology, these vents are injection molded to encapsulate our Flow-Rite material or our stainless steel mesh (depending on model) to provide maximum air flow through the chassis while keeping snow out, are highly durable, more readily shed the snow and are unmatched for quality and appearance.

Left Side
  • Shock tower inlet vent (Flow-Rite)
  • Side panel top outlet vent (Stainless Steel Mesh)
  • Side panel rear outlet vent (Stainless Steel Mesh)

  • 2013-19 Ski Doo XS / XM