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SLP Micro Tack Grips, pair

SLP Micro Tack™ Grips, pair

Ref: 32-439

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These new grips have a unique micro pyramid design that makes up the gripping surface to create an ultra tacky grip with a great feel.
  • Thin wall design allows better grip with a gloved hand as well as letting the handwarmers radiate through the grip better
  • Made from a soft yet durable rubber compound, this grip delivers a good balance between comfort, grip, and durability
  • Compatible with SLP Control Hooks, Arctic Cat handlebars with pre-bent hooks as well as many other aftermarket short hooks (or bar turn downs) that are designed for the grips to go over the top of the hook
  • Measuring 7 inches in length, they can be trimmed for custom applications.
  • Sold per pair