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Marine Slides - 3

Marine Slides - 3" wide

Ref: 23011

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Makes launching your boat or watercraft easy, slides effortlessly off bunks and into the water!
  • The new unique profile provides extra cushioning between the boat and trailer bunks.
  • Washout channels flush sand and debris off of the slides and away from the hull.
  • Safer unloading and loading because of reduced friction and stress on the trailer cranking mechanisms, ropes and hull bow hooks.
  • Allows you to unload and load your boat or watercraft in shallower water.
  • Fast and simple installation for both horizontal and verticle bunks.
  • Made from a low-friction composite which is impervious to sun, weather and salt water.
  • Excellent for use on work stations, lifts, boat and watercraft dollies.

    10 Pack - 3" x 15" White