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Total Performance Intake (TPI Valve) - Low Boy

Total Performance Intake (TPI Valve) - Low Boy

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Thunder Products Low Boy TPI Valve, Black with Filter
The TPI Valve is designed to increase air flow into your air box and carburetors.

Racers and tuners as well as many trail riders have known for many years that opening up the air box in order to flow more air makes more horse power. This is usually called ventilating or gutting the air box. They also know that more air means that the engine will be running leaner exactly the same as installing a smaller main jet.
Only one thing was missing, and that was the ability to go back to the richer jetting required for colder weather or lower altitudes. What did they do about this? They tried to tape or stuff foam rubber in the openings they had created. All of this was very messy and imprecise. Much of the time they were either too rich or too lean or they had to start changing main jets in order to be jetted correctly.

There must be a better way? There is!! Its called a TPI valve.
  • Can be opened completely to the leanest position or closed completely to the richest position or any position in between.
  • Gives you a range of two to four jet sizes of adjustment providing you use the recommended number of valves in your air box.
  • The TPI Low-Boy valve is a flush mounting version which is 2 5/8" square overall.

    The TPI Low Boy adjustable intake valves work well on snowmobiles, ATVs and dirt bikes.