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Thunder Shift Kit - 4-Tower (Comet)

Thunder Shift Kit - 4-Tower (Comet)

Ref: 200-984

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The Thunder Shift Clutch Weight Kit is the highest quality weight arm ever built.
  • Fasteners are made from machined billet stock, with aircraft type locking patches on every fastener
  • The weight arms and fasteners meet strict weight requirements
  • Each set of weight arms are perfectly matched to a tenth of a gram
  • The TSK has routinely survived spin tests exceeding the RPM and stress limits of any clutch on the market without a single failure
  • Proven to have a dramatic effect on performance, based on where the weight is placed
  • TSK offers many weight combinations, ranging from 39 grams (empty) to 65 grams (fully loaded)

    This kit fits all 4-tower clutches (Comet)