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Heavy Hitter, 46g - Yamaha

Heavy Hitter, 46g - Yamaha

Ref: 200-931

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  • Patented weight distribution method is designed to get the power to the ground
  • ISR stock legal, bolt on product with no clutch machining required
  • Heavy mass at pivot end lets machine accelerate without belt slippage
  • Fully adjustable in the low, mid and top end takes the guesswork out of clutching
  • Low range is tunable without removing weight from clutch, the mid and top end can be adjusted with resolution as fine a 0.4 grams
  • Fully bushed weight is machined from the finest materials available, stress relieved, heat treated, matte finished and then packaged in balanced gram weight sets
  • No need to purchase multiple sets of weights, one set allows approximately 13 grams of adjustment with standard fastener kit
  • Complete with tuning components and an easy to understand tuning manual

    46 Gram