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Voltage Regulator Electric Start (Universal 12V - 200W)

Voltage Regulator Electric Start (Universal 12V - 200W)

Ref: 174-001

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These voltage regulators install in-line and prevent bulb burn-outs caused by overloads
For Universal Listing: For electric start models with up to 200 watt output

  • 4 Wires: 2 yellow (or 1 yellow and 1 green/yellow), 1 red, 1 black
  • Yellow are input from alternator, red is output to ignition switch and starter relay black is ground

  • Attach yellow wire to yellow wire
  • Attach red wire to red wire
  • Attach black wire to ground on chassis (frame)
  • Attach yellow wire to green wire on engine

  • Quality replacement voltage regulator
  • Plug-in and mount the same as the original