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SLP High Flow Intake Kit - 2012-17 Arctic Cat 800 Twin

SLP High Flow™ Intake Kit - 2012-17 Arctic Cat 800 Twin

Ref: 14-323

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High Flow Intake Kit
Eliminate the restriction in the stock intake with the addition of this SLP High Flow intake kit.
  • Reduces the vacuum placed on the airbox by 50% through strategically adding two Powder Valves with pre-filters
  • As soon as the engine intake needs more air than the stock system can provide, the Powder Valves open, delivering the required amount of air to the engine
  • An added benefit: The intake air temperature sensor is relocated closer to the throttle bodies, providing more accurate temperature reading to the ECU - this results in increased throttle response, more top-end power and better consistency
  • Sold in kit form

  • 2012-17 Arctic Cat 800