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Ramp-Pro Universal ATV and Snow Ramp

Ramp-Pro Universal ATV and Snow Ramp

Ref: 13526

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Designed specifically for those that carry both ATV's and snowmobiles.
  • Innovative grip design provides superior traction for all wheel vehicles
  • Incorporates Caliber's proven friction-reducing Snowmobile Carbide glide technology
  • Low Pro Grip Glides provides the markets safest walk (up and down the ramp)
  • Slotted fastening system allows for expansion and contraction, preventing warp
  • Universal Design accommodates almost all Snowmobile and ATV stances.
  • Includes Caliber's Self-Retracting strap (Retrax) for easy mounting to your vehicle
  • 52" wide x 90" long makes for a comfortable loading angle
  • 1500lb. rating
  • Includes Caliber's lifetime warranty