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Poly Shield III

Poly Shield III

Ref: 13401

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Ultimate road spray protection!
Protects the resale value of your snowmobile, ATVs, and motorcycles by deflecting corrosive salt and road spray.

  • 25.5" high and fits trailers from 95" to 102" wide without modification
  • Removes in seconds with included Quick-Detach kit
  • Quick-Detach works on V-Front drive-on, drive-off trailers
  • Will not shatter, scrack, split, or dent and is impervious to destructive road spray and foreign chemicals or fluids
  • Unique molded spray channels enhance aerodynamics and help to direct road spray to the sides of the trailer and away from snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles
  • Molded of HDPE plastics, providing ultra-rigid strength and the same durability proven in the truck bed liner industry
  • Shield is not affected by extreme cold temperatures