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Throttle Logic Conversion System - Left Hand Throttle

Throttle Logic Conversion System - Left Hand Throttle

Ref: 120-103

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A left-hand throttle kit and the Throttle Flare (which modifies the shape of the throttle thumb lever). Together they will create a new sense of riding freedom and control.

Product Specifications:
  • A milled aluminum lever and frame are designed for a throttle application (this is not a bike lever)
  • One model fits all applications
  • Lever clamps directly over the left hand grip (no need to modify the grip)
  • Unique right-side bracket does NOT compromise OME throttle sensor switches
  • Sliding cable bracket rod makes adjusting the desired amount of throttle pull a breeze
  • Quick-latch cable latch allows the left-hand throttle to be engaged or disengaged in an instant