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Quick-release Tunnel Pack by Holeshot

Quick-release Tunnel Pack by Holeshot

Ref: 10026670

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Holeshot Quick-Release Runnel Bag Overview Video

Holeshot, maker of high quality performance driven products, presents the Holeshot Tunnel Bag, an innovative storage solution designed by sledders for sledders. Waterproof and expandable, this bag was designed, refined, pushed and pulled to create a product that exceeds your expectations.

The Holeshot Tunnel Bag features a versatile 4-point rubber hold-down system, allowing installation either lengthwise or crosswise and ensuring contents are secure on even the harshest trails. This system, along with the convenient handle, makes it easy to remove and take with you at the end of the day.

•Expandable main pocket with a double wall of waterproof material

•Top and side pockets for storing smaller yet essential items

•Two 2” webbing straps to secure larger items

•Shovel blade pouch on top for quick access

•Installs easily on both mountain and trail sleds