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Outerwears Pre-Filter Wrap

Outerwears Pre-Filter Wrap

Ref: 201-822

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Optional additional protection!
Outerwears Pre-filters are designed to enhance the efficiency of any performance or exposed air filter.
  • Constructed with a proprietary polyester mesh with uniform micron openings
  • The mesh is UV resistant, filters debris down to .005, is shatter proof in freezing temperatures, and resistant to heat up to 450 degrees
  • The material is puncture resistant and has elasticity characteristics allowing the threads to return to the original position in the event the threads have been impacted or shifted
  • Incorporates a welded seam for strength, or reinforced industrial grade thread to fill needle holes and to reduce potential failure points in the material.
  • Easy to clean and return to service.

  • Fits K&N Air Filter RU-1760